Income tax time here! This packet has been prepared to assist you in gathering information for your 2018 tax return.  Please review the entire packet and respond to any items that apply.

When you submit your documents (either via the portal or in person during a pre-scheduled appointment), please supply your Organizer and the documents/info that apply to your tax situation.


·        2016 and 2017 Federal and State tax returns (if not in our possession)

·        Legal Name, SSN and birthdate of primary taxpayer, spouse and dependents

·        Current occupations of taxpayer and spouse

·        Did you move during 2018?  From where? ______________________ Date of move __________

·        Did you reside in more than one state during 2018? If yes, which states? ___________________

·        Family or filing status changes: marriage, divorce, births, deaths, attending college, etc.?

·        NEW CLIENTS:  Please provide a copy of your driver’s license for identity verification

·        Bank account to use for direct deposit of your refund or tax payment - Please provide a cancelled check or a savings accounts slip (for direct deposit/direct debit information).


·        Did your address, phone or email change?

·        Family or filing status changes: marriage, divorce, births, deaths, attending college, etc.?

·        Did you or your spouse change occupations?



·        Original Form(s) W-2

·        Form(s) 1099-MISC for Self-employed/Single Member LLC income

·        Form(s) 1099-INT or 1099-DIV or statements reporting dividend or interest income

·        Schedule(s) K-1 from partnerships or S-corporations

·        Broker statements providing details of capital gains transactions

·        Sold stock or mutual funds, stock options at work? (1099-B)

·        Social Security income (SSA-1099)

·        Received a distribution from a pension/annuity/retirement account? (1099-R)

·        Received income from a Trust, Estate or inheritance? (K-1)

·        Received unemployment compensation (1099-G)

·        Received alimony, maintenance, combat pay, jury duty pay?

·        Prize, award, lottery or gambling winnings (W-2G)

·        Have a financial interest in or signature authority over a foreign financial account?

·        Debt forgiveness/cancellation/property foreclosure (car loans, home loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.) (1099C/A)

·        Tips not reported to your employer

·        Disability income (1099-R for Military Disability Retirement pay)

·        Did you engage any bartering transactions during 2017?

·        Receive any state or local income tax refunds from prior years?

·        Did you receive any income not shown in this organizer?


·       Did you start a new business or purchase any rental property during 2018?

·       Have you purchased any business assets (furniture, equipment, etc.) or converted any assets to business use?  (If yes, please list on an attached sheet the date placed in service, cost or basis, business use percentage, etc.)

·       Did you dispose of any business assets (including real estate)?  (If yes, please list on an attached sheet the date removed from service, selling price and expense of sale).


·        Please provide income statement and balance sheet for business activity – additional information will be required



·        Please provide income statement and balance sheet for business activity – additional information will be required

·        What percentage of time did you spend managing your rentals?


·        Contributed to a Traditional IRA, ROTH IRA or SEP IRA?

·        Made conversions or rollovers of retirement funds? (1099-R)


·        Form(s) 1098 and copies of real estate tax bills, etc.

·        Bought or sold property? (1099-S) Please provide closing statement (HUD).

·        Received rental income?

·        Had a mortgage, home equity loan or line of credit? (1098)

·        Refinanced your mortgage? Please provide closing statement (HUD).

·        Made energy efficient home improvements (AC, furnace, water heater, windows, doors, insulation, roof, solar panels)?


·        Did you change jobs or move for work?

·        Did you use your vehicle on the job other than for commuting to work?

·        Did you have an employer-provided vehicle which you drove home or used personally?

·        Unreimbursed classroom/school supplies paid by Educator in K-12 schools?

·        Did you work out of town at any time during the year?

·        Did you earn income from a state other than the state in which you live? If yes, what state and how much?              $_________________


·        Paid Student Loans? (1098-E)

·        Paid tuition for higher education for yourself, spouse or dependents? (1098-T)

·        Made college savings contributions to Illinois 529 funds – Bright Start, Bright Directions, or College of IL?

·        Took a distribution from a college savings program account? (1099-Q)


·        Paid Daycare/Pre-School/Summer day camp fees for child under 13? Please provide name, address, tax ID & paid amount.

·        Paid education/tuition fees for students in grades K-12 in Illinois over $250? (registration fees, tuition and required class fees only) Please provide school, city, child’s grade & fees paid per child.


·        Received a HSA (Health Savings Account) distribution or make a contribution to your HSA account? (1099-SA)

·        Paid medical expenses (including mileage, lodging and insurance premiums) over 7.5% of income

·        Paid for Long Term Care health insurance?

·        Health insurance – did all family members have minimum essential coverage all year?

o   Form 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement

o   Form 1095-B Health Coverage

o   Form 1095-C Employer- Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage



·        Alimony paid

·        Made charitable contributions – cash and/or non-cash?

·        Theft or casualty loss events?

·        Sales tax paid on a car purchase?

·        Broker/Advisor fees paid?

·        Does anyone owe you money that has become uncollectible?



·        Made estimated tax payments to the IRS or state during the year?

·        Received any correspondence from the IRS or state during the year? If yes, please submit.

·        Are you currently on a payment plan for unpaid taxes to the IRS or state?






·        New events in the next year that you would like tax planning services (new job, change in income, started receiving retirement income, bought or sold a home, started a business, new baby, getting married, etc.)?