Doctor, Do You have the Prescription to Grow Your Practice?

If the answer is YES… then look in the mirror and congratulate yourself for trusting a Fractional Chief Financial Officer to keep your practice growing while you focus on the health of your patients and the well-being of your employees. You took decisive action when you recognized symptoms of distress and you wrote yourself a prescription for success by trusting an expert to ensure your financial health.

If the answer is NOAsk yourself, have I been successful? Can we be more successful? What hinders my practice from becoming a thriving hub, filled with patients who trust us to keep them mentally and physically healthy?

A doctor’s practice is acutely different from most other businesses & entrepreneurs because along with providing outstanding patient care you have to focus on:

-          Insurance billing                                              - Marketing
-          Payroll management                                     - Business expenses
-          Property management                                  - Medical licenses
-          Insurance                                                           - Reputation management
-          Networking
o   Within your peer group so that you stay at the cutting edge!
o   In your community to stay connected to your current — and future — patients.

You’ve established a solid foundation for your practice so far, and for that congratulations are in order! What are some of the frustrations that you have experienced along the way?  Are the long nights reconciling accounts, calculating payroll budgets, and developing a marketing plan for your next public event taking their toll?

That’s why a Fractional CFO is vitally important in helping you grow your practice to the next level. You are in the business of offering cutting edge techniques to help heal people. Why wouldn’t you invest in a cutting edge solution to heal & grow your practice? We trust our health and wellness to qualified and reputable doctor. Isn’t it time to trust your financial health & future to a qualified and reputable CFO and outsourced bookkeeping department?

At Sharp Point Books our Fractional CFO services are designed to integrate with your practice with fundamental principles that will help shape your future and avoid financial sickness. If your financial health is sub-par, it’s time to invest in the most trusted cutting edge treatment available to get your medical practice back to thriving. Write yourself a prescription and let’s start getting your practice healthy together!